Helical Piers

Helical Piers

Helical piers can stabilize settling foundations by connecting footings and walls to solid, load-bearing soils. The helical plates welded to the shaft of a helical pier are designed to pull the pier into the soil when the pier is installed. By measuring turning resistance as a pier is driven, the contractor can determine when the pier has reached competent load-bearing soil. Piers are connected to the foundation with strong steel brackets which are bolted to the concrete. Helical piles, as they are also known, are also used in new construction applications, primarily when there is an existing limited space condition and traditional methods (such as augercast piles or driven concrete piles) are not feasible. T&F has been installing helical piers throughout South Florida since 2009 and has installed them in open spaces, on existing foundations, inside homes and buildings, and even under (yes under) an existing oceanfront home in Palm Beach.

Helical Piers are known by different names such as Helical Piles, Screw Piles, or Micro Piles, but are in essence the same thing.

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To find out more, how they work, and their benefits for buildings in South Florida please click this button below to be redirected to a post we have created with more information to assist you in making the decision if they are the right construction methods that provide strong and stable foundations.

Helical Piles
Screw Piles

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